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How to use Hertsmere's IMPROVED Consultation Portal

The consultation on Hertsmere's local plan got off to a rocky start. In particular the consultation portal was not working well at the beginning of the process. But council officers have listened to the complaints made by residents and made improvements to the portal which have made it easier to use and comment.

It's still not perfect - we'd have liked to have maps within the portal so it easier to see where all the development sites are and their combined impact - but it is much improved. If you were put off before by all the issues, it is worth trying again.

This guide is correct as of 6.00pm 28/10/2021 - Please let us know if these instructions no longer work.

Here's the link you need:

Go to https://hertsmere-consult.objective.co.uk/portal

First register

First you will need to register as a consultee (or log in if you have already registered, possibly for previous consultations). The button to do this is in the menu across the top of the page.

Log in or register graphic (Hertsmere Borough Council)

You will be asked to confirm your email address.

First page of the Hertsmere's consultation portal with the login/register button circled as well as the place to click to enter the portal (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Click on the line which says "Read and comment on the draft Hertsmere Local Plan (Regulation 18), September 2021."

This takes you to the plan itself -

The navigation panel is on the left side, the comment tabs are towards the top on the right (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Navigate through the plan by using the menu on the left of the screen.

We strongly encourage people to comment on as many aspects of the plan as possible, because each separate comment counts as engagement. So please comment both on the Local Plan in general, and also on the plans for specific towns and sites that you are concerned with.

How to make general comments on the plan

For example, if you want to comment about the loss of 12% of Hertsmere's green belt, select "9 Protecting the green belt" from the menu on the left and then click on the "Add comments" tab which is above the blue policy section.

Local Plan, how to comment on green belt loss (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Or if you want to comment generally on the lack of roads and other transport infrastructure to support the massive increase in Hertsmere's population, select "15 Sustainable Travel", and then below that "The highway network and vehicular parking."

How to comment on the road infrastructure (Hertsmere Borough Council)

You may want to explore the menu and comment on which ever parts of the plan you like or don't like.

How to Comment on the plans for Specifc Town or Village

From the menu on the left, click the "+" beside "5 Individual place strategies" and this will reveal a list of the different settlements in Hertsmere.

Selecting an individual place (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Then the list of settlements will appear and you will be able to comment on the overal plans for any of the towns or villages.

Click on the settlement you want to comment on

The "Add Comments" tab is at the top of each settlements page:

Add a comment, Bushey (Hertsmere Borough Council)

If you have views on more than one town in Hertsmere, you are free to comment on the proposals for other areas.

To view the "Strategic" housing sites

In the left hand menu, click on "7 Meeting local housing needs", then "Housing land and site allocations" and you will be able to see what are called the "Strategic housing sites". In general this means the largest sites.

Strategic sites in the plan (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Then you will see for instance:

Comment tab on a strategic site (Hertsmere Borough Council)

There is a comment tab at the top of each strategic site section.

To view all the other housing sites

To see the descriptions of the other smaller sites (sadly without any maps), after selecting "7 Meeting local housing needs" and then "Housing land and site allocations" , click on "Policy H10 Schedule of Housing Sites: Other sites"

Information on smaller sites (Hertsmere Borough Council)

Each settlement has a table of its 'smaller' sites:

Comment on smaller sites (Hertsmere Borough Council)

The "Add Comments" tab is at the top of each town's "Other" housing sites table.

Sadly these smaller sites only have short descriptions on the portal and no maps. Hertsmere has two separate map websites:

  1. A simpler map - here you can zoom in and see the outline of each proposed development site
  2. A complex map with lots of layers designed to show how the different policies in the draft Local Plan affect each area. This one does take a while to load.

REMEMBER You do not have to use the portal to make comments on the Local Plan.

You can simply write a letter addressed to:

Local Plan Consultation
Hertsmere Borough Council
3 Elstree Way
Borehamwood WD6 9SR

Or you can send an email with your comments to local.plan@hertsmere.gov.uk