jerry EvansJerry Evans

Bushey South

I am a semi-retired small business owner. I have worked all my life in the London Music Business providing services to recording artists in the form of Studios, Recording Equipment Hire and Sound Systems. Since selling up in 2014 I've become increasingly involved in Politics locally, nationally and internationally. I see the need for honest, sensible policies that will improve peoples lives in Bushey and all over the world.
Bushey has enormous wealth, as does the UK. We have resourceful people who are doing their best day by day to improve the lives of their families, in my view local politicians are here to enable and encourage that. That might sound a bit 'liberal and fluffy' but the truth is, if you keep that in mind, deciding on policies from Housing to Heath to Education to Roads and Public Transport should be easier, resulting in actions that are to the benefit of everyone who lives here.
With me you will get a person who looks at issues from as many sides as I can, doing my utmost to come up with solutions that are as fair to all as possible.
I am also an environmentalist and a vegetarian, many of the worlds problems could be resolved if we reduced our dependance on fossil fuels and cut our own carbon footprints by eating less meat. Renewable energy is now affordable and it's uptake is our biggest challenge over the next twenty years, vegetarianism is cruelty free and frees up the worlds resources to provide for everyone. Increasing the renewable energy industry will bring massive improvements in air quality, reduction in our indebtedness to oil producing countries and it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. To get there we need a government that understands this and supports it, between 2010 and 2015 we made massive strides forward but this came to an abrupt end when the Liberal Democrats were very unfairly given 'a good kicking' at the general election of 2015. Locally we can make a positive difference to the environment too, Gemma Moore (candidate for North Bushey) and I will be starting a Bushey Environmental Group after the elections of 2017.