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Bushey North

Bushey North covers two wards in the South West corner of Hertsmere - Bushey North and Bushey St. James. He is a bit more abou our candidate Gemma Moore:

'Why did you join the Liberal Democrats?'

I have always been interested in politics, particularly as I have always worked for and with government bodies. I spent just under seven years working for Harrow Council in a sustainability role. Having seen first hand the absolutely essential services local government provides for our everyday lives and wider community, I had been growing further and further concerned with the excessive cuts and destructive policy changes the conservative government was pushing through.

However, it was the referendum that made me take the final step, joining a party that represents the '48%' was not to bash brexiteers, but to actively engage with my community that I felt disconnected from and stand up for my what I believe in. Now more than ever do we need to listen, and be sympathetic to all our neighbours in Hertsmere and beyond. The Liberal Democrats stand up to these values of promoting a society that is open, tolerant and united, which is why I proud to representing them for Bushey North.

What would you deliver for Bushey North?

There are many things I would like to achieve for Bushey, and as I listen and work with local residents I'm sure that list will expand. Our wider Liberal Democrat County Council campaign focuses on the' six to fix'. However at present my keys concerns are:

  1. Cuts to our school budgets; we have fantastic schools in Bushey it is imperative they receive the support and funding we need.
  2. Protecting our NHS services and working with neighbouring boroughs to ensure a strategic approach is implemented.
  3. Housing: everything to do with housing is in crisis, from availability to affordability to standard and condition of the existing housing. It is an area that needs a considerable amount of focus and energy.
  4. Reinstating local bus services
  5. Lastly our environment, protecting green spaces and improving the services to use, including recycling to flats and warm, efficient houses.

Tell us more about you . . .

I am local resident of Bushey having lived here for two years now, but previously living down the road in Harrow Weald so I have always been familiar with the area. My lovely daughter is four years old and attends a local school, and is definitely my most avid supporter (still too young to vote unfortunately). For the last six years I have freelanced as project manager specialising in energy efficiency and housing. Currently I am studying part time with the Open University for my Masters of Engineering. Beyond this I enjoy reading, baking (admittedly mainly cakes) and traveling.